About Us

VHS - A pioneer continuing to
forge new paths.

The Virtual High School is a non-profit organization that has literally changed the face of online and blended learning in high schools and middle schools across the country and around the world. Since 1996, we have brought art to the cornfields, math to the deserts, and science to the delta. The education students thought they couldn’t receive, and administrators thought they couldn’t afford, has been delivered via the Web by The Virtual High School.

We have not only taught children far and wide, we have taught their teachers, educating them in the many ways to leverage technology in the classroom.  We have not replaced traditional classroom teaching; we have supplemented it.  We have made high quality education available to all, regardless of location, and within the most stringent budgets.

Our vision is to remain the standard for online learning and to help all schools achieve the highest level of education for their students, preparing them to be productive citizens in a global world.

See Our Approach

Kelsey took AP French with VHS because of scheduling conflicts that prevented her from taking the 4 years of a language she needed for college.