Connections Learning

The Virtual High School partners with Connections Learning, to bring you an expanded catalog of course offerings.

Learning Model
Courses provided by Connections Learning combine standards-aligned curriculum, an expert teacher, and delivery through the Connexus® education management system.

Connections does use a teacher model, however the courses are essentially self-paced. Students advance through modules and progress as they complete assignments. While there is no group work or specific collaboration, students can participate in discussions with classmates when they choose to do so.

VHS site coordinators are given access to Connexus® to monitor the progress of their students enrolled in Connections courses through the VHS partnership.

Enrollment and Grades
All information pertaining to students and grades should be accessed through the Connexus® system. Registration for Connections classes follows the standard VHS enrollment calendar.

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Tuition and Payment
Member schools and individuals are eligible to register for Connections courses directly through VHS for an additional fee. These courses are not included as part of the standard VHS membership.

Tuition per course:

Math/Science/Social Studies/Language Arts: $375 (VHS member) | $395 (non-member)
Foreign Language: $335 (VHS member) | $345 (non-member)

(During registration, you will be asked to select whether the invoice should be sent to a school or home address.)


  • A full refund will be granted prior to the start of class.
  • 75% tuition refund will be granted if the withdrawal from the course occurs during the first week of the course.
  • No tuition refund will be granted after the first week of the course.

To withdraw from a Connections course, please contact Katie Ide, Program Specialist, Connections Learning, via email or by phone at 443-259-5720.

To view a list of frequently asked questions click here or for more information call 978.897.1900 or Contact Us through our Request Info Form.

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