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The Virtual High School offers a number of opportunities for gifted students to advance in their studies. Often times, these accelerated students fall behind or are subject to learn at a slower pace –forced to proceed with the same speed as the rest of their classmates. Left unchallenged, their lack of motivation puts them in danger of becoming the “Other Child Left Behind” – highly intelligent students who neglect their studies or fail their courses.

To avoid such pitfalls some gifted and talented students would take classes at other schools or on a college campus – forcing them to leave the familiar surrounds of their own school and peers behind.

Today, these students can find stimulating lessons and higher-level learning at their own school through VHS. Our enrichment opportunities for accelerated students keep them motivated and challenged - by learning alongside other gifted students.

For High School Students
VHS has more than 20 Advanced Placement® courses that offer complex learning modules and deeper insight into specific areas of study. In addition to the possibility of earning college credit, our AP® courses include thought-provoking lessons and practical curricula that test students on a variety of academic levels.

In addition to our AP catalog, we offer a number of core and elective Honors courses that challenge accelerated students. These online courses are more rigorous, offer a higher degree of difficulty and a larger workload than general studies. They offer students the opportunity to delve deeper into course content and themes.

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(To view the High School G&T courses, select Honors under Course Level)

For Middle School Students
For younger students looking to excel, VHS has identified high school level courses that provide the stimulation and motivation these middle schoolers need to stay challenged and enthusiastic about their learning.

Core subjects such as Calculus, Physics and Academic Writing, and unique electives including Meteorology, Sociology and Creative Programming help gifted students learn at a level higher than their classmates.

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(To view the Middle School G&T courses, select Gifted and Talented Middle School under Program)