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The long arm of digital learning is reaching throughout the country, and the world, with more and more school systems adding online courses to their catalog.

But virtual learning should offer more than just an independent study opportunity. High quality online learning provides a global component seldom found in traditional classrooms that offers students the opportunity to branch out beyond their own schools and study abroad without leaving their own towns.

What does this mean?

Much of my career has been spent in Earth and space science, helping students tap into the power and inspiration of space exploration. Over the years I’ve witnessed many advancements that have helped students learn about the earth and our universe from the perspective of astronauts and former voyagers, but few have been so immersive as the latest technology that employs a simulated mission to space.

Imagine, today’s assignment: Heading to a Launchpad, blasting off into orbit and docking at the International Space Station.

As an online school registrar I’m one of the “front-line” staff that will take your calls, answer your questions and help to enroll your students in their classes. Every year after the holidays, I find that a lot of people start reflecting on the processes from the fall, and begin to think about ways to improve spring semester prep including the shift of new students into their online courses.

Here are a few tips that I share with schools to help their students get off to a great start in their online classes.