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When I was in school there was only one option for credit recovery - summer school.  Much to my generation’s dismay, this meant being stuck in a hot classroom on a gorgeous summer day just because you may not have understood chemistry or known why quadratic equations even mattered. Trying to catch up over the summer felt less like a motivational push to stay on track, and more like a punishment that you had to endure simply because you needed extra help.

This past week I flew from Boston, Massachusetts to Palm Springs, California to attend the iNACOL Online and Blended Learning Symposium. I flew over the rugged landscape of New England and in less than 10 hours, was standing in the warm California desert. Such is the speed of change in this miraculous age of jet plane travel.

Anytime I’m asked to look at a new tool or examine a vendor’s service one of the first things I consider is how it should tie to our strategic plan or answer an existing problem.

In short, technology is the vehicle not the driver. What is the educational value and what is the need we are trying to meet?