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In 1986, fresh out of college, I joined a group of four other women – all computer majors – hired by a Fortune 500 company to be new programmer analysts. So much has changed in the last thirty years and the world of course is different now – no longer do we need to share computers, debug our code on dusty green-bar paper, or physically travel at 2AM to the home office to fix a system crash because we can’t work remotely. Technology is at our fingertips and accessible, in the best of cases, to everyone. We sometimes hear that women “don’t do computing”. That we don’t like STEM.

During the past year, I have had two opportunities to teach a Judaic studies course online. I hope my personal experience will be informative to those of you who are currently engaging in this kind of teaching, and motivating to those of you considering broadening your teaching to include the online classroom. 

Emily Earley

Emily Earley is a VHS Student from Sacopee Valley High School in South Hiram, Maine.

The Virtual High School has been the step many people, like myself, have needed to expand their education prior to attending college because of the many classes offered to students with diverse learning styles.