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Emily Earley

Emily Earley is a VHS Student from Sacopee Valley High School in South Hiram, Maine.

The Virtual High School has been the step many people, like myself, have needed to expand their education prior to attending college because of the many classes offered to students with diverse learning styles.

Attention cadets!

Welcome to Space Station Academy.  You will need to concentrate and work hard, but your reward is a flight to space.  We’ll begin with pre-flight training, where you will learn about orbits, launch vehicles, and the International Space Station (ISS).  If you pass your flight-test, we will launch you on a thrilling flight that docks you with the ISS.  Let’s open the hatch and get started.  Welcome to space!

The long arm of digital learning is reaching throughout the country, and the world, with more and more school systems adding online courses to their catalog.

But virtual learning should offer more than just an independent study opportunity. High quality online learning provides a global component seldom found in traditional classrooms that offers students the opportunity to branch out beyond their own schools and study abroad without leaving their own towns.

What does this mean?