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The Virtual High School Receives Grant from the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space

Receives $100,000 Grant for the Development of Semester-Long Space Station Academy Program

Meaningful Math: When Am I Ever Going To Use This?

“When am I ever going to use this?” Most anyone teaching mathematics has been asked this question. Often students struggle to relate mathematics to their daily lives. While investigating applications of math is most critical to making content relevant, identifying appropriate ways to do so can be a challenge. Providing opportunities for students to see how math relates to their daily lives is essential to keeping students motivated to learn and  to be engaged in math.

Making The Grade: Virtual Summer School

Speaking in another language

If you speak with Mike Sokolson or Mike Peral, you may hear them saying, "Dobra yeootra" (Good morning) in Russian. Or, you may hear Julian Cunha asking, (Teacher, how are you today? in Japanese). The North Arlington High School Virtual High School Program has been very active again this year. Over the course of the last several years, students have been able to take elective courses on-line in a myriad of areas that greatly expand the students’ elective choices.

Virtual Education Seeing Rising Enrollments, Revenues

Much of the recent growth in the online course market has been driven by experiences similar to that of Lisa Andrejko, the superintendent of the Quakertown Community School District in Pennsylvania.

Five years ago, Ms. Andrejko discovered a drain of over 100 district students leaving for a Pennsylvania-based cyber charter school.

The Virtual High School to Sponsor Online Summer School for Underserved Students

Launches 1K Kids Fundraising Campaign To Make Summer School Accessible & Affordable for Families in Low-Income Communities

Virtual High School Launches Fundraising Campaign to Send Students to Space This Summer

New VHS Space Station Academy Makes the Dream of Virtual Space Travel a Reality

Virtual High School Hopes to Give 1,000 Students Free Summer Courses

Summer can be a stressful time for students who still need to pass certain classes in order to graduate or move on to their next school or grade.

It’s made even more difficult by financial problems, which limit some students from taking those necessary courses.

TERC & The Virtual High School Partner to Advance STEM Education

Partnership Results in Online Earth Science Course for High School Students Worldwide That Aligns With Next Generation Science Standards

WMEC Featured as case study for VHS!

Partnership Between Rural Maine Collaborative And The Virtual High School Help Students Suceed