VHS Site Coordinators

Site Coordinator Image

The VHS site coordinator plays a key role in the success and smooth operation of the VHS program at the local level.  Site coordinators manage all technical and administrative aspects of VHS related to their schools, and serve as the primary contact between their students, their school, and VHS faculty and staff.

Benefits of Being a Site Coordinator

  • Receive professional development in 21st century teaching and learning
  • Gain experience working in an online classroom environment
  • Work with students who are excited to take online courses
  • Collaborate with a variety of educators across the country
  • Provide expanded educational opportunities to students.

Site Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Ensure VHS students have access to the necessary technical resources
  • Work with the local school administration to: recruit eligible students, coordinate and implement local grading and registration policies, and monitor student progress
  • Maintain contact with students, VHS staff, VHS teachers, the local school administration, and parents.

All VHS site coordinators are required to complete the site coordinator training. To get started, register to become a site coordinator and return the VHS Site Coordinator Participation Contract.