Credit Recovery

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The Virtual High School can help your students get the required credit they need.

Students at risk of falling further behind or failing a course such as English, Algebra, Geometry or Biology can make up the class by enrolling in the VHS Credit Recovery Program. This option reduces the likelihood of students dropping a course and losing valuable credit, or having to enroll in summer school to make up the class.

We are pleased to offer you three types of Credit Recovery programs that give students the opportunity to review material and earn the credit they need.

Flexible Courses
A selection of 4 & 8-week online courses that can begin mid-semester and are self-paced, facilitated classes. Learn More.

Summer Courses
Our 4 & 8-week Summer School courses can also be taken for credit recovery. Courses are offered starting in June 22nd and many are NCAA approved. Learn More.

Customized Offerings
We can help design, manage and facilitate credit recovery courses exclusively for your school. Learn More.

The VHS Credit Recovery Program is ideal for students who struggle in a traditional classroom, have fallen behind in their work, or have missed school due to illness or personal issues

Earning Credit
Individual schools determine credit eligibility. Students who enroll in a credit recovery course independent of their school are responsible for determining whether their school will grant them the credit.

Talk to one of our Regional Sales Managers to find the credit recovery solution that fits your needs. Contact us at 978.897.1900 x 3 or find your representative.