Starting and Maintaining an E-Learning Initiative

The VHS Collaborative

Categories: 21st Century Literacies, Co-Synchronous Elearning

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Have you ever wondered what E-Learning is all about? This webinar will give a comprehensive overview of the planning and execution of an e-learning initiative in your school and district. Some of the key points that will be covered in-depth include:

  • - The initial discussion of introducing an online program and the framework around implementation

  • - The necessary components of starting and maintaining an e-learning initiative such as content design and delivery, as well as infrastructure and support

  • - Measuring the success on your blended learning environment

  • Topics of Discussion:

We explain and take a look at what a blended learning environment offers to both students and educators, and how it fosters critical thinkers and problem solvers who can communicate, collaborate and stay competitive in a global society.

Learn more about:

  • - Getting started by defining the mission of the initiative, developing activities and timelines, measuring performance

  • - Looking at online course standards

  • - Content delivery and preparing classroom teachers for online course design and instruction

  • - Student curricula, online collaboration and acquired global citizenship skills

  • - The challenges facing online teachers, available resources, and the required skills needed to successful facilitate a course in an online classroom

  • - Infrastructure and support

  • - The continuous improvement process that is necessary to achieve maximum results