Teachers of Record

Some states mandate that a Teacher of Record (TOR) be assigned to students in online courses.  The requirements for TORs vary by state, but, in general, the purpose of a TOR is to provide state-certified oversight of course content and student progress.

There are many ways schools can meet TOR requirements, including use of site coordinators to fill this role.  VHS has prepared some guidelines for establishing a TOR Program that can help administrators get started with this process.

TOR Responsibilities

The following general guidelines will need to be modified as individual state mandates dictate:

  • Review VHS learning management system and become familiar with course structure.
  • Access courses to review weekly activities and check on student progress.
  • Monitor student grades and meet with students to discuss their progress in their VHS course.
  • Maintain contact with students, VHS staff, VHS teachers, the local school administration, and parents.
  • All teachers of record are required to fill out the Teacher of Record Application and return the Teacher of Record Participation Agreement. Training via screencast and webinar recordings will be provided once the TOR has access to the learning management system.

Please file a service ticket if you have questions about Teacher of Record requirements.