VHS Full-Time Online Program

The Virtual High School full-time online program is an accredited solution for students who need an alternative to the traditional classroom environment. VHS will work closely with your school’s guidance department to determine the full-time online program and program of studies that best meets the needs of your student.

We provide the following resources so students can graduate and find success:

Full-Time Online Learning for High School Students

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High Quality Courses

VHS offers nearly 200 high-quality courses including core, electives, Honors and Advanced Placement, that are 100% online, providing anytime, anywhere access for your students.

Proven Technology

Our technology platform allows students to learn and communicate with teachers and classmates easily and effectively in a safe, secure environment. We provide dashboards on student progress so you can monitor your student’s achievements in class.

Superior Instruction

All VHS teachers are highly qualified and certified, 85% hold a master’s degree, and they average 15 years of teaching experience. All have completed a rigorous graduate-level training program prior to being certified to teach a VHS course.

Stellar Support

Our customer support team and curriculum staff are available for any questions you might have. Simply submit a service ticket via the VHS Contact Center and we will respond quickly to your request.

2015-2016 Program Details

  • $4,000 per year*
  • eBooks included**
  • Up to 6 full-year courses or 12
    semester-long courses
  • Access to full VHS catalog of core,
    elective, Honors & AP courses***
  • Access to the VHS learning
    management system
  • Dashboards and grade reports for
    up-to-date access to student progress
  • Course of study advice through
    our curriculum and instruction team
    in conjunction with your school’s
    guidance staff
  • Mentors/coaches provide a
    supportive student learning
  • Comprehensive course registration
    services and support
  • 24/7 tech support through the
    VHS Contact Center

* VHS Memberships are separate from the Full-Time program and available in Student Only or Teaching memberships
**Certain courses may require lab fees for an additional cost
***Connections Learning courses are not included as part of the full-year tuition