Collaborative of Schools

At The Virtual High School every school contributes to learning.

From our Teaching Members who provide a qualified educator to facilitate learning, to our individual seat and private offering members whose students play a part in educating peers through sharing, exchange, debate and critique in global classrooms – the collaborative concept is what makes our model so exceptional – and successful.

Our members are made up of big and small schools; rural, inner city, and suburban schools; public, charter, independent, and faith-based schools; home-based schools, and international schools. 

Each member, no matter where they are located, no matter how large or how small, is important to the success of other schools because of the participation and collaboration that comes from our unique way of learning.

VHS teachers are provided by our Teaching Member Schools. They must complete our rigorous online training to qualify to teach in a global classroom in their area of expertise.

  • For example: One school may provide a teacher to facilitate a Latin class, while another may provide an AP Physics teacher. Students from any school can enroll in any course.

This model allows us to grow our catalog and help schools offer a wide range of opportunities they could never offer on their own. 

To learn more about our members, view our snapshot of VHS, and see the wide array of schools who partner with VHS around the world.