Commitment to Quality

The proof is in the learning - and our students do learn - not only from text, but from one another. In fact, we strive to create better course content, as well as more in-depth learning experiences, to ensure that our programs exceed national standards and offer students a more comprehensive education that will better prepare them to be successful and productive in a global society.

How much are the students really learning?
It’s important for us to measure and track student progress each semester on an ongoing basis. We are as much a part of online research and development, as we are a provider of online education. These metrics help us to continue to better our programs and design more successful learning systems that ultimately pave the way for others in the industry to follow.

We measure up to success…

  • Our AP® pass rate is above the national average.
  • The course completion rate is over 80%
  • We are fully accredited and our programs are award winning.
  • Our programs have been the foundation for several grant projects.
  • Our courses and our teaching meet, and exceed, accepted standards.

21st century learning
Today’s online education is not just about using technology and Internet tools. Graduates need a solid base of academic subject knowledge; critical thinking and problem solving skills; and the ability to innovate, communicate, and collaborate with diverse people around the world.

VHS students use wikis, blogs, and other tools in their daily academic work.  Our courses are designed to foster discussion and debate; and give students the ability to analyze, critique and create with classmates through group projects and assignments. They practice global citizenship through the sharing of ideas with a diverse group of students in a virtual classroom. Students complete VHS courses better prepared academically, technologically, and globally to face the challenges of college and careers.

Teaching philosophy
In addition to our curriculum and content, quality teaching that meets VHS standards is a prerequisite before facilitating any of our courses. All VHS teachers are required to complete our own graduate-level training in online teaching to guarantee that students receive the support and guidance they need during their courses. This type of facilitation is what separates VHS from other online course providers, and offers students the opportunity to delve into independent studies while still benefiting from the support of a classroom teacher.

The results from our online and blended learning programs are decidedly beyond standard. We offer more than the necessary tools and materials that come from a boxed online learning provider. We provide the educational expertise from over a decade of research and scores of data that validate our programs. This contributes to our successful model, and why students walk away with a deeper understanding of the subject matter, and critical thinking and analytical skills that translate well beyond their high school years.