Global Classrooms

The world is your classroom with VHS. We unite teachers and students from a variety of social, economic, and geographic backgrounds to study and collaborate with one another in a virtual learning environment.

  • For example, a student in North America partners with a classmate in Asia to complete a project, and logs on to look over the assignment that their teacher in another time zone posted earlier in the day.

While the differences in locations are clear, these individuals are joined by a mutual desire to know more about a specific subject, to meet international peers and to work in tandem online to learn about the material, and about one another. 

Students and teachers in a global class may come from wealthy suburban communities, remote rural areas, and inner city schools. They can be in different regions of the world and speak several languages, or they may be in neighboring communities, districts or states yet still provide the varied discussions that come from a wide-range of ideologies and viewpoints.

What makes a successful global learning environment?
To be truly successful in a global classroom, students must actively participate in collaborative projects and have: 

  • Respect for different ideas, cultures and opinions
  • A desire to learn from others around the world
  • An open-mind accepting of critique
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills

Why is it so important?
A global classroom can easily be a microcosm of a world that students will know beyond high school. It can provide diverse interpretations, worldly perceptions, fervent debate, enthusiastic ideas and international points of view.

This type of teamwork leads to more than just a grasp of the content. The unique perspectives, characterized by assorted locale and societies, are seldom found in a traditional classroom. Global learning can offer regional, political and cultural insights that provide the basis for thought provoking discussions and an education that reaches far beyond a student’s hometown. It better prepares students to communicate effectively and productively in an international economy.

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